Food Menu

The Buenosaires72 menu features premium quality steaks from some of the world’s finest cattle. Handpick Swedish meat of the quality we strive for. Whether you’re looking for  dry-aged beef, tender corn-fed American beef or specially selected Uruguay Rib-eye the Buenosaires72 menu never fails to impress.
Added to the steaks are our succulent side orders, including indulgent macaroni and cheese, moreish fries and meaty bone marrow. But don’t forget to leave room for dessert – the fabulous cakes and Buenosaires72 ice cream are not to be missed.

Wine List

The Buenosairs72 wine list is one of the finest in Malmö, offering incredible wines
from around the world. We have unique wine list, and more than 40 different kind of
red, white and organic, We are always looking to expand our collection
Please note that the selection of wine listed online is indicative, as the printed list in
the restaurant is subject to changes on a very regular basis.


There’s more to Buenosaires72 than just the steak. Our bar houses a spirit selection that’s truly out of the ordinary. We select only the finest Products and offer an extensive range of bourbon, rye and cognac, all of which work perfectly in our bespoke cocktails. We believe we have the best selection of American Whiskey in the Malmö.

The bar team here at Buenosaires72 are skilled and vastly knowledgeable, we pride ourselves on our ability to recreate classic drinks and inventive original creations.

Our cocktail menu, new for June 2017, was inspired by Martin Servera. It’s based largely on American Whiskey (of course!) but you’ll find other delights such as Absinthe , rum (Nucky T is a coconut, citrus concoction perfect for summer) and of course tequila – the correso is becoming a fast favourite.

Fan of the classics? Try a ”What’s Your Fashion?” – an Old Fashioned made your way.


Having a party and want to try something different? We offer a range of classes for all levels. Ask about our packages for classes or pair it with a meal for the entire experience.

Please note that the selection of spirits listed online is indicative, as the printed list in the restaurant is subject to changes on a very regular basis.



Located in the heart of MALMÖ, Buenosaires72 is the ideal venue for private and corporate events. The restaurant’s breath-taking interior decor creates the perfect first impression.

Boasting exquisite Buenosaires72 interior design throughout, our main dining room can be hired as a private event space perfect for parties and indulgent dinners.

A semi private dining room is in the main body of the restaurant giving you the atmosphere of the entire room, with that slight feeling of exclusivity. Our semi private dining room can host up to 20 guests, and is perfect for round table meetings.